The WAKEFOIL Surf Series AK Complete Wake Foil

The WAKEFOIL Surf Series AK Complete Wake Foil

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The WAKEFOIL Surf Series AK Complete Wake Foil

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The WAKEFOIL Surf Series Austin Keen pro model is unparalleled in innovation and revolutionary foil design.  Lifting at the lowest speeds and maintaining hold at the fastest, the new Surf Wings are a true game-changer for foil fun.  This foil is designed for maximum stability and handling, giving the rider unlimited control and the opportunity to defy norms.  Whether its riding the 3rd swell back behind the boat, leaving your wake to hijack another, or sliding into an otherwise unsurfable ocean swell, the AK 4-6 opens up opportunities for a whole new riding experience!  With this system, not only are you fully equipped with the renegade of all foils, but the new AK 4-6 also comes with track plugs and fins to turn your foil set up into a wake surfing machine.  The AK is a foil to ride behind any boat and in any water and weather conditions.  It's also an incredible pro model surfer to ride when you just can't say no to that perfect behind-the-boat barrel.  What's not to love?  The WAKEFOIL SS AK 4-6 pretty much does it all, and you'll definitely want to have it in your arsenal this season!

Carbon Surf Wings
The new Surf Wing set provides unprecedented performance.  It's designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range.  The Surf Wing set will take your hydrofoiling to the next level, allowing more time for carving transitions, constant wing engagement on landings, and the ability to ride in literally any condition.  Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keeps swell energy locked in under your feet and keeps you high in the sky.  Created in collaboration with Could IX surf foils.

AK 4-6 Surfboard
The AK 4-6 surfboard is designed with a thick core profile to create greater buoyancy and response when pumping down the line.  It comes fully equipped with a track system that allows for micro-adjustability when choosing your foil placement, and makes assembling your foil set up quick and easy.  The board also includes industry standard 6" spread M6 inserts to add a helpful surf strap when needed.  Designed with versatility in mind, the AK 4-6 comes with foil track plugs and fins so you can also ride it as a premium wake surfboard when not using it to hyrdofoil.  With a full, round shape and quad fin setup, this board is stable yet snappy and maneuverable as you drive down the line and pop an air or chill with your toes over the nose.  It is forgiving and fun and can be mellow or aggressive depending on your mood.  Enough performance for the best surfers around and enough forgiveness for those just learning.

SS Mast
With increased chord length and a thinner width, the SS mast allows for more efficient movement through the water.  This new mast comes equipped with a new collar design with open sockets for easy foil-to-board attachment.

Hydrodynamic shape fuselage designed for superior water flow, low resistance, and minimal cavitation.  With its fluid alloy construction, it's designed for durability.

The WAKEFOIL 2018 Surf Series AK Complete includes:

  • WAKEFOIL SS fins.
  • WAKEFOIL SS track plugs.
  • WAKEFOIL SS 24" mast.
  • WAKEFOIL SS surf wing set.
  • WAKEFOIL SS aluminum alloy fuselage.
  • WAKEFOIL SS wing covers.
  • WAKEFOIL SS hardware kit.

Performance: High-Performance.
Method: Surf.
Lift Speed: Generates Lift at 4 mph and performs well at both low and high speeds.
Board: High-density board designed for buoyancy and more efficient pumping.
Inserts: Includes inserts for straps.

More Information
Wakesurfer Size 4'6"
Gender Men's
Model Year 2018